Take the next step in your mediator journey with individualized Mediator Coaching and Consulting

 Mediation Coaching

Mediating can be a lonely profession. As mediators, we often practice in a bubble without the opportunity to receive meaningful feedback to improve and build our practice.  Mediation coaching provides mediators the opportunity to refine their practice through simulated or live mediations with personalized feedback from our mediator coaches. 

Mediation Program Consultation

The Mediator Training Center offers customizable consultations to mediation programs. Below are examples of the ways we can assist.   

  • Program Development and Support:  The Mediator Training Center team can assist in setting up or building a mediation program by creating and/or reviewing mediation policies; developing appropriate screening practices; and helping design forms to collect data for analysis of your program.
  • Program Evaluation or Policy Development: The Mediator Training Center team can help existing mediation programs by evaluating existing policies and practices and offering revisions and guidance about policy improvements or data collection strategies. 
  • Customized Coaching:  The Mediator Training Center can provide your mediation panel or program with individual coaching to support and grow the skill set of your panel.
  • Tailored Training: The Mediation Training Center can develop a tailored training for your program to meet state and/or local mediator training requirements. 
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