Take your program to the next level

with the Mediator Training Center's custom services 

Mediator Training Center Tailored Training with Melissa Mangiaracina and Margaret Crowley


Tailored Training

Come to beautiful Lake Tahoe or have MTC bring a training to you in one of the following formats:

  • Live in-person
  • Live via zoom
  • On-demand course
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Program Development

MTC instructors have helped mediation programs:

  • Design and develop new programs and panels
  • Review and revise policies and procedures
  • Educate stakeholders
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Mediator Training Center Program Development with Melissa Mangiaracina and Margaret Crowley
Mediator Training Center Mediation Coaching with Melissa Mangiaracina and Margaret Crowley


Customized coaching 

MTC helps build mediator programs and panels through:

  • Mediator coaching
  • Tailored role plays
  • Individual feedback
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What mediation programs are saying...

"The Mediator Training Center (MTC) prepared a tailored annual training and domestic violence training for the Nevada Juvenile Dependency Mediation Program. MTC was able to implement all my requests as a program manager as well as provide quality training and materials that fit the needs of our unique program and mediators. What stood out the most was their passion for mediation and how that carried over to their passion for helping us improve our skills for the best interest of the population that we serve."

- Court Improvement Program Coordinator

"I highly recommend [MTC's customized domestic violence] course to all family court judges and staff. I also recommend a similar course for family law attorneys. Very educational and insightful."

- Senior Family Court Judge

"The Instructor, Melissa Mangiaracina, was absolutely wonderful and super clear explaining domestic violence and all that it entails. Thank you Ms. Mangiaracina."

- Executive Judicial Assistant